What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a normal, natural state of mind. It is a focused concentration allowing your subconscious to receive suggestions and perceive them as reality.

I don't know if I can be hypnotized.

Almost anyone can be hypnotized. Three things are needed to do so.

1. Willingness to be hypnotized

2. Have at least average intelligence (IQ of 60)

3. The ability to follow simple instructions

Can a person get "stuck" in hypnosis?

NO. It is natural to enter a trance state. Everyone enters some level of trance every day. Have you ever almost missed your freeway exit because your were thinking of something else? You were in a trance state then.

Will hypnosis make a person do something against their morals or beliefs?

NO. You are always aware of your surroundings and in control of your actions. I will not suggest anything to embarrass you nor will I allow you to embarrass yourself.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a very pleasant feeling of complete physical and mental relaxation. It is similar to that moment between knowing you are awake and going into the sleep state. You are not asleep or unconscious. You can hear everything going on around you. When you emerge from hypnosis you will feel refreshed and alert. A 30 minute session of hypnosis is equivalent to 4 to 6 hours of restful sleep.

Do you ever do "X" rated comedy shows?

It is my belief that obscenity and vulgarity are usually not funny, especially in a private event situation. X rated humor almost always is at the expense of a single individual. It is acceptable in Las Vegas, but the patrons are aware of the show's content beforehand. I always show my volunteers the utmost respect when they are performing on stage.

Why don't you post prices for your shows?

It is not feasible to try to price your event without knowing what kind of affair you are hosting. The location, venue, equipment demands all play a part in fee structure. Customization of the program is a valuable option for corporate events.

Where do you perform your shows?

The venue for a comedy hypnosis show can be anywhere from a school gym to a cruise ship's theater. The location of the show usually has little bearing on the success of the event. It simply needs to be large enough to have an adequate performance area and comfortable seating for your audience.

Will you perform in my city?

The Chris Morrison Comedy Hypnosis Show is available nationwide. Naturally, travel will add to the cost, but the actual fee will not be elevated because of travel. As I have stated on previous pages, I maintain high standards and ethics in my business practice. I have to look in the mirror every morning. I choose to enjoy what I see there, without the guilt. I am a firm believer that what goes around, comes around. (A Texas saying..... think about it.)

I'm not sure if my group will approve of a hypnosis show.

A comedy hypnosis show is nothing like the scary, silly hypnosis scenes you have seen on television. The depictions of hypnosis in the old TV movies is far from actual reality. There is nothing unnatural or evil about hypnosis and the trance state that the volunteers experience. They simply experience the here and now with their subconscious mind. Hypnosis was endorsed by American Medical Association and British Medical Association in 1958. The Catholic Church has also endorsed hypnosis as an effective clinical treatment. 

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