Grad Party/Assemblies

Chris Morrison will provide a fun and safe comedy stage hypnosis show for your students. Safe and sober fun for everyone is the rule of the day! Mr. Morrison will lead your students through a hypnotic experience like no other.

Hypnosis is totally safe when performed by a qualified hypnotist trained in the art of stage hypnosis. Chris places the utmost priority on the safety of the volunteers. The students are not permitted to leave their chairs or the stage area without express suggestions to do so. By maintaining order during the performance, your students and grads will have a safe excursion through the depths of their creative imaginations. 

There are a limited number of qualified stage hypnotists to serve you during the graduation season and time is growing short, so booking your show early is important.

Be certain that you hire a professionally trained and insured stage hypnotist to provide your stage hypnosis entertainment. Although, Mr. Morrison has never had an incident of injury, he carries a $2,000,000.00 liability policy for his protection, as well as you and your students.

Since their inception, alcohol-free grad parties have saved countless lives and injuries to our children. I salute you for your commitment and dedication in planning and hosting this event!

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