Band Boosters

Hello and welcome to my Band Booster's page. My name is Chris Morrison and I am offering this fund-raising program exclusively to Band Booster organizations during the 2012-2013 school year. It has proven quite successful for other organizations, but it is ideally suited for your group.

It has been my observation over the last ten years that Band Boosters usually foot the bill for many items not covered by school funding. Travel costs, competition expenses and food for the throngs are only a few costs that you typically cover for your kids. 

This may be your best opportunity to raise substantial funds without a lot of work and worry. I know that Band Booster organizations are aggressive fund raisers and that is why this program is ideal for your needs. There is no expense, no risk to you and I am paid only after you have collected your money for the tickets. I will provide you with tickets, promotional posters and a step-by-step manual to market your Comedy Hypnosis Show.

One evening in your school auditorium, gym, or even on your athletic field if weather permits may net you several thousand dollars. Of course, selling refreshments can also contribute a tidy sum to your take.

You may ask, "How do I do this?" Well... agree to host a sixty minute comedy hypnosis show, promote your event, sell tickets, spend about 3 hours of one evening at the show and make out a nifty bank deposit for very little effort.

For more information, call 817-721-3416 or click here to request a packet explaining the details of this remarkable offer. Do not hesitate, because I am taking this program on the road and the available dates are limited.

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